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Illustrations So Sweet They'll Make You Crave Candy​

Realism and detail abound in Alice Lin’s floral illustrations.
All images courtesy the artist

Bundles of flowers drip droplets of sweet nectar as they bury the faces of creatures from a Wonderland. Within Alice Lin's dense and fascinatingly otherworldly paintings, refined technique elevates a surrealist style. Her works combine realism, in the form of life-like animals, with generous amounts of fantasy. The petals on the face of a half-flower, half-human creature are painted with painstaking detail.


The artist does not veer away from the essential materials: cotton paper, paintbrush, and paint. It is these basic tools which help bring artists to life, melding them with drenched colors to create a fine-art feel. A native of China, Lin credits her early years growing up around classic Chinese painting and poetry as inspirations in her work. The evidence of her love for poetic leanings is evidenced in the title of her drawings which evoke longing from "What we talk about when we are talking," "Toadstool spirit," and "Everything is foam." The titles allow the viewer to form their own whimsy, combining the poetry and craft of each of Lin's paintings.

Take a look at some of her works below:

You and Me

Fairy Tale




Everything Is Foam

What We Talk About When We Are Talking

What We Talk About When We Are Talking

What We Talk About When We Are Talking


The Room

Love Unicorn

The Desire for Desires

Miss Rabbit's Garden


To explore more work from Alice Lin, visit her Behance page, here, and her Instagram, here.


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