'KING OF THE ROAD' Forces the Teams to Skate in Handcuffs

Watch pro skaters spend a day chained together on 'KING OF THE ROAD,' and new episodes of 'AMERICAN BOYBAND' and 'PARTY LEGENDS.'
June 22, 2017, 10:00pm

On an all-new episode of VICELAND's KING OF THE ROAD, we see how the boys from enjoi, Creature, and Deathwish are handling a particularly brutal challenge don Thrasher's cross-country competition. Each team is forced to handcuff two skaters together for 24 hours, and the unlucky pairs try to stay sane to varying degrees of success.

KING OF THE ROAD airs Thursdays at 9:30 PM on VICELAND.

Then, on a new episode of PARTY LEGENDS, we hear a handful of stories from Drunk History's Derek Waters, musician Theophilus London, actor Duncan Trussell, filmmaker Kansas Bowling, and comedian Nikki Glase. Nikki's got a particularly gnarly tale about forcing her best friend to pee her pants at a football game.

PARTY LEGENDS airs Thursdays at 10:30 PM on VICELAND.

Last but not least, AMERICAN BOYBAND is back with a new episode, finding Kevin Abstract struggling with some technical difficulties during his first headlining tour. While Kevin and his buddies struggle through a show in Atlanta, his friend in LA—fresh off losing his job—tries to make his way back to the squad.

AMERICAN BOYBAND airs Thursdays at 11:30 PM on VICELAND.

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