What Is This? A Fireworks Stand for Ants?

How can we be expected to set them off for people if they can't fit in the building?
June 27, 2017, 5:05pm

Bang! Just in time for Independence Day, an adorable explosives emporium pops up to sell tiny, fully-functional fireworks. The bite-sized version of popular pyrotechnics retailer Phantom Fireworks, complete with a no smoking sign, is the work of Popt Art, a.k.a. Mav Vasquez.

He documents the process of cutting and pasting the mini fireworks stand together, and filling colorful paper tubes with explosive powder to make cloud dragons, jade flowers, gold sparklers, and jumbo twitter glitters. A laptop in the background emphasizes the tiny scale of his scissors and super-glue driven work—which is concerning when he spills a bunch of black powder onto his keyboard. Itty bitty fire hazards aside, this is an ingenious arts and crafts project to ring in the 4th of July without your square neighbors calling the cops.

Mav Vasquez also makes and sells shadowboxes of classic video game scenes on Etsy. Check out more of his work on Instagram.


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