This story is over 5 years old.

You Can Now Listen To and Order the New Record From Austin Punks Glue

Jump straight to the track "Pig Fucker."

Though they've released less than 30-minutes of recorded music, Austin's Glue have over the last five years earned a reputation as being one of the most savage bands in the United States. But then tracks like "Peer Evaluation" from their 2012 demo will do that.

Their classic take of US hardcore punk mixed with an intense live show that includes belting riffs and manic vocals elicit "Frontman's a crazy bastard! But in a good way" type YouTube comments.

The four-piece (who feature members of Institute and Impalers) are now set to drop their first 12" that will be released simultaneously in the USA by Glue Records and in Europe by La Vida Es Un Mus in time for Glue's 2017 European tour. All proceeds from digital sales will be donated to Lysistrata, a New York City organization that provides services to sex workers.

After initial listens I can say that "Hammered Down" snaps like a downed electrical power line, the guitar solo in "Flowers of Friendship" is tops and "Pig Fucker" will no doubt result in brutal chaos when performed live.

Glue's S/T record is available June 24 on Glue Records and La Vida Es Un Mus. Pre-orders available from Chaos in Tejas Big Cartel.