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Screw It, Just Give Tommy Wiseau a Joker Movie Too

In his new 'Dark Knight' reenactment, he's tired, he's wasted, and he's proven once again that he's the only one for the role.

Good lord, there are a lot of Joker movies on the way. The Todd Phillips-directed Joker origin storyis currently in production, starring an absolutely terrifying Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime. Then there's that Suicide Squad spinoff featuring Jared Leto's irredeemably-awful version of the role, which apparently involves kidnapping Dr. Phil or something—a movie no one asked for but we must collectively endure anyway, for some reason.


But amid all the various Joker properties soon to grace the silver screen worldwide, one movie is noticeably absent—namely, one starring Tommy Wiseau.

The Room's visionary creator must have finally given up his need to be a romantic lead and accept his place as a villain, because he's been gunning for an opportunity to play Batman's rival ever since the Todd Phillips movie was announced. Unfortunately, Phillips never took Wiseau up on his offer to DM him about playing the lead, but the brilliant minds over at Nerdist did—and wound up bringing Wiseau into their studio to shoot an incredible Joker audition tape.

That was a few months ago, and these days Wiseau seems preoccupied with trying to get a Broadway musical adaptation of The Room off the ground, but it turns out he hasn't given up on his Joker dreams just yet. This week, the guy partnered up with Nerdist once again to recreate an entire scene from The Dark Knight with his old pal Greg Sestero as Batman—and for the love of all that is holy, just give Wiseau his own Joker movie, already.

Wiseau chews the scenery a bit more than Heath Ledger did in the original, but his take on the iconic supervillain is no less twisted and weird. The way the guy garbles through his lines like he's got a mouth full of half Canadian bacon with pineapple, half artichoke with pesto pizza actually somehow works.

"I wahnt to SEE what you DOO," Wiseau moans and stutters at Sestero's Batman in the clip. "And you didn't dissappoint. You let FIVE PEOPLE DIE, and you… Let… Dehhnt! Take your place! Even to a guy like me. That's. Collld."


Then he lets out a laugh—and what a laugh it is! A guttural chuckle, bubbling up from somewhere deep inside him! The whole delivery makes him seem completely bizarre and off-putting, exactly as the Joker should be. Plus, Wiseau's crazed, sunglasses-free eyeballs look perfect in the Joker makeup.

Watch the clip above and then revisit the original version from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight to see how well Wiseau stacks up. If Jared Leto can get paid massive amounts of money to completely massacre the character on screen for three films, Tommy Wiseau should at least get a shot at one. And at the very least, he wouldn't mail used condoms to his co-stars on set to get into character. We hope.

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