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Drake Dating Teenager, Officially Enters Creepy Old Man Phase

He’s a little young for a mid-life crisis, but here we are.
Drake is reportedly dating 18-year-old model Bella Harris. Photos via Instagram

So let’s just cut right to the chase: Drake is reportedly dating a teenager.

The 31-year-old rapper, who has often been linked to more age appropriate women, including Jennifer Lopez, was recently seen dining with 18-year-old model Bella Harris in Washington, DC, according to Page Six. A photo on Harris’ Instagram feed shows the pair embracing somewhat awkwardly (Drake is giving off a handsy uncle vibe), with the caption “no place I’d rather be 💙.”


It appears that the pair initially met when she attended Drake and Future’s Summer Sixteen Tour in 2016, which is oddly poetic because she would’ve been 16 at that time (if we’re doing the math right). Six-fucking-teen. Harris also posted an Instagram photo from the American Music Awards later that year congratulating Drake.

Harris, daughter of legendary music producer Jimmy Jam, is a model who recently graduated from high school.

She has appeared in campaigns for a host of brands including Forever 21, Guess, and Fenty. Penny for Rihanna’s thoughts?

The trend of older male celebrities dating very young women is a tale as old as time—Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17-year-old when he was in his late 30s, and Leo DiCaprio seems to have a pretty rigid “models around-20” rule. Heck, even Scott Disick, 35, is currently dating 20-year-old Sofia Richie. But just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it isn’t gross.

It’s hard to say whether this is an anomaly or if Drake is entering his creepy old man phase about 10 years too early. I mean, he did recently admit to hiding his child from the world.

Maybe he just got tired of being rejected by women who can legally drink.

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