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Who in Their Right Mind Would Buy Mike Francesa's App for This Price?

It will cost you $8.99 per month or $98 for the year. Um, nope.
Screenshot via YouTube / Sports Radio

Mike Francesa. New York's Numbah One. The Big Kahunaaahhh (OK, so no one calls him that). The man is legendary for his batshit crazy radio antics, including some moments of him just counting shit. But now the man is imploring you to do some counting of your own—mostly the pennies in your piggy bank—because he wants the whole damn thing.

Francesa, who was only just introduced to the concept of the internet recently, is now boldly venturing forth into full-on tech-bro territory by coming out with his own app, which he lovingly calls, "Mike's On." According to the New York Post, which received a press release about it, the app will be released Friday and will feature a Saturday college football show, a Sunday football show, and a live simulcast of his WFAN show. Goodie goodie.


Pray tell, though, Michael, how much will this delightful little app, which brings us closer to your divine presence, cost?

Jesus Christ, dude. You really did just start using the internet, didn't you? The New York Times, for instance, only costs $52 per year for its basic package. And you want us to shell out some Spotify premium numbers to hear you count to 42? I mean, I know these baybeh boomahs are out of touch, but lord.

One astute Twitter person called up an apt parallel pricing for subscriptions:

Francesa, are you worth it? Maybeh. Just Maybeh.