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When Moving to a Small Town Makes Sense

Before you buy a home in a small town, make sure you're up for the longer commute to the city and the slower pace of country life.

When you work for yourself, convincing lenders to give you a mortgage can be tough since it's harder for them to verify your income. "We heard a lot of nos" says Stephanie Sasso, a freelance fashion stylist, who finally found a bank that said yes earlier this year. Today, she and her husband, Gentry Dayton, a brand developer and designer, live in a 150-year-old farmhouse on two acres of land in rural Pennsylvania.


In the fifth episode of Real State, "City Loving Country Living," Sasso and Dayton talk about their decision to leave New York City, what they had to do to secure a loan, and why their new home outside of Allentown makes sense at this point in their lives.