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Guess What Cardi B and Juicy J's "Kamasutra" is About ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In short: *lot* of fucking going on here.
Left via Wikimedia Commons; right via YouTube

Cardi B is probably the hottest property in music right now, and securing a feature from her is pretty big stuff (though, as G Eazy learned to his misfortune, she'll probably upstage the fuck outta you). For her latest guest spot, the queen has blessed Juicy J, and together they have made a song called "Kamasutra" – a track that, in all honesty, can only really be about one thing.

Opening with a skit taken from one of her Instagram videos ("No bitch got a mouth like me! No bitch got a pussy like me! The fuck?"), the track descends into filth pretty quickly, with Cardi luxuriating in the "You better fuck me all night!" hook. Juicy J's verse is one thing ("suck my balls, lick my nuts" etc. etc.), but Cardi's is another entirely. Take a look at the thing below.

You got a bitch, but we different
I keep on riding, you blew out her engine (skrr! skrr!)
You know I'm the trillest
You know I'm the best boy (best boy)
Caution sign, on slippery, when wet boy (splash, spash)
Come on baby, I'm exactly what them boys like
No playing games daddy, suck and fuck you all night

Wild how Bardi invented sex, huh?

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