There's a New 'Portal' Game...About Building Bridges

Rejoice for GLaDOS is back, despair because she’s in a physics bridge builder.
December 6, 2017, 3:27pm
Image: Headup Games 

Bridge Constructor is the popular mobile physics puzzler where players construct bridges and send cars across them. Portal is the popular physics puzzler from Valve where players use their wits and a portal gun to fight an evil AI. Bridge Constructor Portal is the recently announced combination thereof. Half-Life 3 is the game we wish Valve had announced instead of Bridge Constructor Portal.

Half-Life 3 salt aside, this new game looks like a lot of fun and isn’t made by Valve. Headup Games is responsible for the Bridge Constructor series and obtained the Portal license to incorporate portals, bouncing, and killer robots into its franchise about building bridges across frightening chasms. It looks like a match made in heaven.

Bridge Constructor Portal will hit mobile devices and Steam on December 20th, followed by a console release in early 2018.