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Experience the hidden music of earthquakes

The SeismoDome exhibit lets audiences experience the hidden music of earthquakes

A new show at New York City’s Hayden planetarium this fall will take audiences deep inside planet Earth to hear the sounds of earthquakes. The show, called Seismodome, is the co-creation of seismologist Ben Holtzman and musician Jason Candler, who combine their passions for a unique display of science and digital art.

Holtzman explains how the seismic measurements of Earth’s energy waves look an awful lot like sound waves, which allows the pair to convert seismic events to sound. Digital visuals, some made with videogame software, add another layer to the experience.

VICE News met with Holtzman at the Seismic Sound Lab to check out the newest visualization and to understand why hearing seismic data offers different clues to understanding how our inner Earth works.

This segment originally aired August 30, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.