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Dad Shoves Kid Goalie to Make a Save

Sometimes, just standing around on the sidelines isn't enough. You've got to get a piece of the action.
A soccer ball on a field.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the only good helicopter parent: the soccer dad who went too far. Or maybe just far enough.

In an under 8s game against Llanilar FC in Wales, it seems that the tiny goalie for Bow Street FC was distracted by his dad behind the goal. Meanwhile, a Llanilar player decided to take advantage by laying out a slow roller that was on its way into the net. So the dad did what any self-respecting sports parent would do: get the kid's head—and body—back in the game. (Though it was his fault it wasn't in the first place.)

Just take a look at this glory:

It seems like the father's earnest effort went in vain, however, because a Llanilar striker was right there in the mix to clean it up and score anyway, much to the father's chagrin. Hard to tell if the father was hurting the kid's chances of making it pro, or improving them—this very well could be the influential play that makes this kid big time.