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Climate Causes Epic Landslide, and Not The Stevie Nicks Kind

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May 25, 2017, 3:06pm
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One for the history books: Taiwan just sent a ripple wave of equality throughout all of Asia by becoming the first country in the region to legalize same-sex marriage. This has a been 30-year long battle for marriage equality, which was spearheaded by Taiwanese activist Chi Chia-Wei. Although this major win for international LGBTQ civil rights, same-sex marriage still isn't official yet. The high court of Taiwan said that denying same-sex couples the right to marry was unconstitutional, but the government still has to change the law. The decision comes right on the heels of June, which is LGBTQ Pride month in the US and across the world.


Trumpcare is a shit plan: If Trump's flagship legislation moves forward, there's going to be 51 million uninsured Americans by 2026. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has projected that the number of people without healthcare will steadily rise over the next ten years with 14 million more people losing coverage by 2018, 19 million by 2020, and 23 million more by 2026. If those numbers seem scary they should. Many people may die from unnecessary and preventable deaths because they won't have an affordable healthcare plan.

Time to take action: Last month, evacuees trying to escape war-torn Syrian towns were bombed in an attack. According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the death toll from the blast has peaked at 126, including at least 68 children. The crisis in Syria is an ongoing fight, but you can make a difference even from afar. You can support refugees by donating to humanitarian efforts. In Lebanon, World Vision is providing refugees with clean water and sanitation services. Learn more about the organization here, and how you can show your support.

That escalated quickly: Greg Gianforte is running for an open seat in a special congressional election in Montana, but he's making most news for his fighting skills -- and we're not talking about in the boxing ring. Gianforte allegedly body slammed a reporter for The Guardian and is now facing misdemeanor charges. There's an audio recording of the reporter trying to do his job when Gianforte becomes belligerent and starts shouting at the members of the press.

The highly contested race has President Trump recording robo-calls on Gianforte's behalf, and Senator Bernie Sanders stumping for his opponent country musician Rob Quist. This is what happens when the president calls the press the "Enemy of the people."

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Coastal Catastrophe: The Big Sur section of highway along the California coastline has been shut down after a landslide. The closure is projected to last for several months, which is going to affect up to 6,000 daily commuters who use the road. The cause of the landslide is due to heavy rains after the wettest winter in the state's history. This kind of weather is proof that climate change is real and impacting us now. The best way to combat these environmental shifts is to transition from carbon emission fuels to renewable energy. Here's how you can help lead the energy revolution in your town or city.

So help me God: The Pope and Trump are butting heads once again. Trump met with the Pope at the Vatican during his first presidential foreign tour, and the head of the Catholic Church was doling out penance for Trump's sins against the planet. The pope gave Trump a 38,000-word essay on the climate change, which is a bit of a rebuke on Trump's climate-climate-is-a-hoax environmental policies. His Holiness knows there's no time left to be fucking around on climate change any longer.