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Daily Horoscope: June 06, 2016

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June 6, 2016, 7:00am
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The Moon is in sensitive, psychic Cancer all day today. It connects with dreamy Neptune in fellow Water sign Pisces at 7:47 PM and Jupiter in grounded Virgo at 11:54 PM. The highlight of the day is the Sun meeting with Venus in Gemini at 5:39 PM, creating a lazy, luxurious, and charming vibe. All times EST.


The Moon is in domestic Cancer, turning you into a homebody. You're in a very talkative mood today, texting everyone—I'm sure they're not annoyed; you're hilarious and so interesting, Aries!


The Moon in psychic Cancer, activating the sector of your chart that rules the mind— your intuition is super sharp today. You have a wonderful bullshit detector, and its range will be extended today.


The Sun and sexy Venus meet in your sign today, Gemini—exciting! You're feeling confident and attractive. The Moon in Cancer is sending you good luck around money, too.


The Moon is in your sign, making this a lovely day for examining and expressing your emotions; however, you're in a very lazy, sleepy mood, so don't expect to get much done.


Your ruling planet, the Sun, is meeting with sweet, sexy Venus in curious Gemini today— that should be interesting! Expect to run in to some interesting people, as this cosmic combination will be bringing others your way.


The Moon is in Cancer, lighting up the part of your chart that rules your social life: fun! But you do have to focus on your work and career today—happily, good vibes are flowing, Virgo.


The Sun and your ruling planet, Venus, are conspiring with you, helping you plot your escape plan. The Moon in Cancer is helping you cover up your moves by suggesting to others that you're "working." Who knows what you're really up to, Libra!


The Moon is in fellow Water sign Cancer today, lighting up the part of your chart that rules travel and learning—but the only thing you're interested in learning today is other people's secrets. Curious information will come your way.


The Moon in psychic Cancer is lighting up the most intimate sector of your chart, and the Sun and sexy Venus in Gemini are activating the area of your chart that rules relationships—this should be interesting.


The Moon in sensitive Cancer is lighting up the sector of your chart that rules relationships, Capricorn! But, of course, you're feeling like a workaholic today, as usual.


Your focus is on your work today, with the Moon in Cancer activating the sector of your chart that rules your daily tasks; however, you need to let yourself play hooky at least a little bit—romance is in the air.


You're in a very romantic, creative, inspired mood today, Pisces, with the Moon in fellow Water sign Cancer. That said, you totally don't want to leave the house today. People will need to come over if they want to enjoy your company.

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