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Listen Back to Yet Another Out of this World Mix by Teki Latex

The Sound Pellegrino man rolled through Naina's Reprezent show at the weekend, armed with some slow-and-low screamers.

You are hungover, you don't want to be at work, and the thought of ripping through an under-seasoned batch of couscous for lunch saw you spend a good fifteen minutes in the loos weeping. You've fucked it and the worst thing is you didn't even really enjoy all those pints. Sad!

But..the sun is shining! And it is going to shine all week! And there's a bank holiday on the way! And that means you can relentlessly slam cans in your local park until your ballooning figure is airlifted out of said park. You're tingling because you know you're probably going to eat at least three grass-laced burnt burgers this week and nothing, absolutely NOTHING screams summer more than buying a disposable barbecue and some Quorn sausages from Morrisons.

If you thought life couldn't get better, you thought wrong. There's a new Teki Latex mix out! And yes, as you'd expect, it is another cracker from the self-styled King of the Blends. Latex, who was in London for the Peckham Rye Festival, made an appearance on Naina's must-listen Motion show on Reprezent. The big man slammed through half an hour of low-and-slow-rolling rap, crystalline R&B heaters, and an audacious Carly Simon/J-Kwon mash-up that'll be in your head all year.

Tuck in below. We promise it's tastier than the couscous. Honestly.