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[Premiere] The String Cheese Incident’s New Music Video Is a Watercolor Fantasia

Still no news on what the incident actually was though.

The texture and movement of animated watercolor paintings is mesmerizing, and a new music video by Solar Cabin digitally riffs on this aesthetic for The String Cheese Incident's "My One And Only." A digital mixed-media work, the video pairs the atmospheric look of watercolors with the band's breezy acoustic number from the new album Believe, produced by Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads). The collage of video, hand-drawn elements, and digital animation is pretty psychedelic with its ever-shifting and often iridescent color palette.


"We initially interpreted the song as an expression of the longing a person feels when they are on the road for an extended time," Solar Cabin's Jason Denton tells Creators. "While experiencing the beauty and wonder of the larger world, you can never quite shake that longing for home and the loved ones you miss."

"We had also been admiring some double exposure techniques in photography that we wanted to try utilizing in motion," says Denton of the video's look, which was created in After Effects and Premiere Pro. "To take the viewer on a journey through scenes of the natural world whilst feeling the presence of a loved one, no matter how far apart."

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