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Doldrums Let Their Freak Flag Fly on 'Tweakers V' Mix

Ahead of a new album, frontman Airick Woodhead shares 50 minutes of Montreal-centric industrial noise, techno, and more.
Jon Estwards

For the better part of a decade, Airick Woodhead's project Doldrums has been churning out some of the most dystopian, experimental electro-pop to ever come out of Canada, including his stellar 2015 album The Air Conditioned Nightmare. Now the Montreal-based producer and singer is set to release a new LP, Esc, recorded last year during the city's unforgiving winter months with a small cast of like-minded artists.


Reflecting his shift towards metallic textures while making the "diabolically focused melodrama," today Woodhead's shared an exclusive 50-minute mix, which is heavy on industrial noise, techno, and UK garage. Titled Tweakers V, he gives top billing to Montreal acts (Pelada, Odil Myrtil, Valeda), alongside THUMP favourites like Mike Simonetti, Pharmakon, and Yves Tumor. There's also a brand new track from Woodhead and frequent collaborator Guy Dallas.

Describing his selections, the artist said, "90% of them have been released recently. Hopefully they share a feeling of going to shows that I love experiencing, many of them drift towards punk gone ambient, or electronic, the beautiful and noisy elements counterbalance each other."

Listen to the mix below and pre-order Esc before it comes out June 30 via Bande Dessinée.

Tweakers V Tracklist:

Radio Brovold - Beethoven's Symphony # 7
Valeda - Sore
Rabit - Oc
J Da Flex & El-B - When I Fall in Love (Dub Mix)
Pelada - No Hay
Mike Simonetti - Release Your Body To The Best
Person Of Interest - Boost The Whip (I-95 Mix)
Yves Tumor - Histrionic II
Esc (Doldrums & Guy Dallas) - Most Gross
Pharmakon - Transmission
Minimal Man - Now I Want It All
Gioia - Circling
Odile Myrtil - Rise From Darkness

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