Venue's Crumbling Ceiling Leads to Evacuation at Dixon's Amsterdam Show

Staff of The Royal Concertgebouw are investigating the cause of the incident but stated, “No one is in danger."
Photo via Concertgebouw's Facebook

Amsterdam concert hall The Royal Concertgebouw was evacuated last night when parts of the ceiling began to crumble, Dutch news service RTL Nieuws reports. Hometown DJ Job Jobse and Innervisions head Dixon were deep in a seven-hour back-to-back set when the incident occurred around 1 AM, approximately two hours before the event was scheduled to end.

Following the evacuation, the venue staff posted a statement on Facebook:"Last night during a dance event in the Concertgebouw we found that grit had come loose from a plaster moulding above the stage in the Great Hall. We decided to end the event prematurely due to the safety of the visitors. The house is now clear. An inspection found that a small part of the stucco is damaged; this section has now been removed. No one is in danger."

The historic venue, considered one of the finest concert halls in the world, was built in 1886 and is revered for its near-perfect acoustics. According to the official website, Concertgebouw hosts over 900 events (most of them classical music concerts) and 700,000 people per year.

According to the venue, the cause of the damage is under investigation. All upcoming shows and rehearsals are expected to proceed as planned.