Here's Where Trump's 200-Day Approval Rating Ranks Among US Presidents

The data comparing President Trump to other recent Commanders in Chief is more surprising than you think.
Image via WIkimedia Commoins

Donald Trump is only six months into his presidency, and the numbers aren't looking good -- and that isn't fake news. According to a Gallup poll that tracked the president's approval and disapproval ratings at the 200-day mark as Commander in Chief, 36 percent of Americans say they approve of Trump as the leader of the free world. 58 percent voiced their disapproval.

That sounds bad. But is it really bad when compared to the other recent presidents at this point during their tenures in the White House? Only one other newly-elected president sported an approval rating below 50 percent at this point since modern polling began: Bill Clinton.

So where do the other recent presidents stack up against Trump's historical highs and lows? Have a look below:

Infographic by Aaron Barksdale

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