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Toro Y Moi and More to Donate Bandcamp Sales to Hurricane Harvey Relief

They'll be joined by Cloud Nothings, Speedy Ortiz, and the rest of the Carpark Records roster.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

On Wednesday, Carpark Records – home of Toro Y Moi, Speedy Ortiz, Cloud Nothings, and a host of other excellent musicians – announced that they'll be donating 100 percent of their digital sales today (31 August) to the Red Cross' relief efforts in Houston, Texas, which has obviously been enormously affected by Hurricane Harvey. Toro Y Moi's own Company Records, and Wax Nine Records will also join in, meaning that you can get yourself some sweet, sweet music all for a good cause (it is, for example, an excellent excuse to get acquainted with Toro Y Moi's most recent album Boo Boo).


Elsewhere, the local music community has been awash with an outpouring of sympathy for the people of Houston who have been affected, with over 300 musicians volunteering to entertain displaced residents. It's trite and also untrue to say that music can solve all problems, but there are a lot of practical ways that music can help right now. If buying a Cloud Nothings record today means that you can send a little bit of aid to people who need it, it seems like a pretty great idea.

Donate to the Red Cross' Hurricane Harvey fund here and find out about other organisations to donate to via the Guardian here.

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