Malia Obama Had a Frickin' Blast at Lollapalooza

The former First Teen raged so hard at the Chicago music festival, she lost her iPhone. But dammit, she had fun.
August 8, 2017, 8:12pm
Josiah Kamau / Getty Images

Like many other fans of music and partying, Malia Obama descended up upon her former hometown of Chicago to attend Lollapalooza this weekend. This isn't Malia's first time at the fest—the internet imploded when she twerked at Mac Miller's set, and smoked an alleged joint this time last year. This year, our girl is back in action. Apparently, poor Malia lost her lost her iPhone while jamming to The Killer's set on Saturday night, prompting a walk of shame to the Apple store. Despite being the President's daughter and all, turns out Malia had just as much trouble as the rest of us digging up her Apple ID, and had to wait to get a new one. Which is even more complicated when your dad is the former president of the United States. Classic. Presumably the loss of technology was worth it though, because she had one helluva time at The Killers' set.

When you feel the music that deep, who fucking cares where your iPhone went. Additionally, all music festival goers should be required to have this much fun. That's definitely what festivals are made for. Malia, we've all been there.

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