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Johnny 2 Fingers & the Deformities Dedicate New EP to Standing Rock Protesters

“Don't be blinded by corporate interest and greed.”
Photo by Morgan Kolish of WEEKENDwarrior Photography 

Canadian rock outfit Johnny 2 Fingers & the Deformities have blessed the world with their rambunctious brand of punk once again. The new Built to Rock and Roll EP, featuring songs like "Pipeline," takes on political themes, denouncing oil expansions near his childhood home in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Noisey first spoke to Johnny back in 2015, which is an interview that's well worth your time. The group consists of John Dale (guitar and vocals), "Cannonball" Kelly Gower (drums and vocals), and Travis Geib (bass and vocals), and is named after John's physical quirk of having only two fingers on his right hand. The Built to Rock and Roll EP was recorded in Sweat Shoppe Studios by Mike Lefebvre in Saskatoon. "All this paranoia about the rich being spoiled, yeah it's starting to come true," Johnny sings on "Pipeline."


"This album goes out to all the rock 'n' rollers that still come out of their dimly light Internet/Netflix havens to subject themselves to the filthy, noisy chaos, which is our shows," Johnny wrote to Noisey. "Also, this album goes out to anyone who believes that our water is worth protecting, especially all those people who stood up at Standing Rock! The original idea for the song "Pipeline" was a response to the proposed Energy East pipeline that they want to build by my childhood home (which also supplies water to the surrounding area!!! Don't be blinded by corporate interest and greed. There's new technology out there! It's not IF the pipeline will break, it's WHEN! The rebel spirit is rock 'n roll."

Hell yeah, Johnny. Listen to the entire Built to Rock and Roll EP below:

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