Manu Dibango’s 1985 Afro-Funk Classic ‘Electric Africa' Is Getting Reissued

Featuring Bill Laswell and Herbie Hancock, the album fuses synths and kora to create true world beat.
August 21, 2017, 5:38am
Imagen cortesía de Tidal Waves

In early 1985, legendary Cameroon musician Manu Dibango entered a Paris recording studio for a session with a group that included producer Bill Laswell, jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, Parliament-Funkadelic keyboard player Bernie Worrell, and Malian kora virtuoso Mory Kant.

The result was Electric Africa, a hypnotic and upbeat Afro-Funk classic album that fused synths and kora, African drums and samples and ngoni and electric guitar.

Originally released on French label Celluloid, the four tracks are now to be reissued for the first time though Tidal Waves. Listen to the track "Pata Piya", that features Worrell and Laswell, and make your day that bit funkier.

'Electric Africa' is available through Tidal Waves on Sep 22.