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Leave a Libra Alone with Too Much Weed and Things Will Get Weird

"They aren't really the type to smoke alone, and if they do, they probably will post something bonkers to social media for attention because they're bored."

We consulted astrologers on how each sign can get as high as the stars. Read about the other signs here.

As astrologer Lisa Stardust points out, Libra is the only sign of the zodiac that isn’t a living thing; it doesn’t have a heart. Harsh! The balancing sign of relationships, Libra is represented by the Scales, and indeed, sometimes Libras can look too perfect to be human. (Hello, Kim Kardashian.) This is why they need weed: so they can stop taking themselves so seriously.


While Libras enjoy the finer things in life, their picture-perfect exteriors can sometimes be a front. They want to have friends and romantic partners (even though when you sleep with a Libra, there is a high chance that they’ll come with a side piece). So when it comes to Libras and weed, they like nice things that they can share, which helps them conquer social anxiety by giving them a reason to interact with others.

"Libras are going to be the ones who bring the weed to the party so they can be the life of the party," Stardust says. But be careful leaving a Libra alone with too much weed, because shit might get weird. "A Libra wants to smoke socially. They aren't really the type to smoke alone, and if they do, they probably, like, will post something bonkers to social media for attention because they're bored," horoscope writer Randon Rosenbohm says.

A Libra will get high, push past an entire line of people waiting to get into a club, charm the bouncer—and actually get in. Partners of Libras should stock up on weed as well, as they can be ultra high-maintenance to date. While Libras love getting high, they are fabulous and enjoy beauty rituals, so they should also look into topical cannabis beauty products. When it comes to weed and sex, Libras should look into anal cannabis suppositories, as the sign rules the lower back and ass.

Cannabis can be great for Libras because they love balance, and a calming strain can help chill them out. This can be ultra-useful for their dating lives. "They appreciate smoking before hooking up with people, to enhance the connection, although they are an air sign and ruled by narcissistic Venus, Libra could get self-conscious when stoned. They don't want to be high anywhere dingy or gross," Rosenbohm says.


Stoner Superlative: Most likely to brag about their outfit

Best Strain: Cheese (balancing hybrid)

Worst Strain: Green Crack (buzzy sativa)

Best Way to Get High: A high-quality and low dose pack of edibles with plenty to share with friends

Best High Activity: Sit in a hot tub and flirt with three people at once

Recommended Product: Satori Wild Strawberries in Milk Chocolate