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Josh Allen Deletes, Apologizes for Racist Tweets from High School

The NFL Draft prospect dropped the N-word several times, and topped it off with a Hitler reference.
Photo by Trevor Ruszkowski—USA TODAY Sports

There are certain mistakes in high school you can pass off as "oh, he's just a kid." And then there's Josh Allen's tweets. In what has become a trend in the lead-up to draft day, cyber sleuths went digging through the quarterback's Twitter history and found some extremely bad looks.

The highly-touted QB from the University of Wyoming is expected to be a top pick in the NFL Draft tonight, and a couple of teams may be doing a double-take on his character after a handful of racist tweets resurfaced.


Here's a sampling, from Yahoo Sports:

"@FelipeeeeMelo_: Bout to show up these Niggas at pong. Gonna do for @j_prodigy_5 @AFlyer5 and @J_Sal_Forever_5.":) — Josh Allen (@JoshAllenQB) February 26, 2012

@cheriishhh: i dont think you niggas want a troubled son!” — Josh Allen (@JoshAllenQB) June 14, 2012

“@Alpha_Patlan: “@J_Prodigy_5: @Alpha_Patlan (uhh) stay schemin…” Niggas Trying To Get At Me. ” doe. — Josh Allen (@JoshAllenQB) February 12, 2013

Why are you so white ? — If it ain't white, it ain't right! — Josh Allen (@JoshAllenQB) June 25, 2013

And just when you thought it couldn't get worse:

Yeah, he went full Nazi on that one.

Allen has since deleted the tweets and told Stephen A. Smith last night that he was "young and dumb," per ESPN. In explaining the tweets to Smith, Allen said some included a reference to Modern Family character Phil Dunphy quotes—"if you ain't white, you ain't right"—and another was in reference to a Rick Ross song— stay schemin…” Niggas Trying To Get At Me." That still leaves a few of the unearthed tweets unaccounted for, let alone what else might floating around in the ether.

Under the best light, Allen is right about being young and dumb. Under the worst, he's going to have a problem when he first walks into an NFL locker room. Regardless, if his subpar completion percentage hasn't hurt his prospects, this probably won't either. Just another thing swept under the rug.

This is where you'd like to think the moral of the story is: "kids, always delete your tweets." But let's be honest: the real moral here is, "kids, don't say racist shit that you'll have to delete years later."