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Dylan Voller Reportedly Hospitalised After Commonwealth Games Arrest

This is the second time the former Don Dale detainee has been taking into custody for protesting the Games.
Photo by Jonno Revanche

Several media outlets are reporting that Dylan Voller attempted to take his own life in the back of a police car, after being arrested during a protest against the Commonwealth Games.

The Gold Coast police have said one man, taken into custody this morning, attempted to self harm in the back of a police car. In a statement they said he is currently in a stable condition in hospital.

However, there has been no confirmation whether or not this was Voller.


Fellow activists have raised concerns about what happened to Voller during his arrest. "Get down to Southport Police Station 7 arrests," Tarneen Onus-Williams said on Twitter. "Dylan Voller and Debbie Jones have been hospitalised and were fine going to custody."

Best known as the boy in the spit hood who was central to Four Corners' expose on the Don Dale Youth Detention Facility, Voller has emerged as a leading young activist for Aboriginal rights since his release.

His mother, Joanne, posted footage of the arrest online. She also called on the Queensland Government to release him, and "all other political prisoners."

Voller was one of five men arrested during a protest this morning at Kurrawa Beach. According to, they had tried to approach Sunrise host Samantha Armytage, who's been under fire since a controversial segment of her breakfast program, which featured an all-white panel discussing the ethics of Aboriginal adoption by white families.

“Post-Stolen Generation, there’s been a huge move to leave Aboriginal children where they are, even if they’re being neglected in their own families," Armytage said during the segment.

Voller and others have been protesting Sunrise's live Commonwealth Games broadcast from Kurrawa Beach this week, calling for an apology for the panel. “You’ve repressed us for 230 years," protestors could be heard yelling during this morning's show, "and we are not going away.”


The protest included chants yelling “who stole this land?” and they would reply “they did.”

According to police, four men were arrested after they refused to cooperate with police. Voller was reportedly taken into custody for breaching his bail conditions. “The Queensland Police Service respects the right of people to protest lawfully and peacefully in Queensland but will not tolerate disruptive behaviour during the Commonwealth Games and associated events,” they said in a statement.

This is the second time Voller has been taken into custody during the Games. He was also arrested at a Stolenwealth Games protest, along with three others, and charged with public nuisance during the opening ceremony, which professed to be a celebration of Australia's Indigenous history.

Birpai Guri journalist Jack Latimore is reporting that four of the protesters have been released under strict bail conditions.

More as this story develops.