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Please Enjoy This Child's DIY Weather Report

Finally, a weather forecast that won't make you want to cry today.
Image via YouTube

From Philadelphia, to New York, to rainy California, folks around the country have been stuck inside watching and waiting until Wednesday's shitty weather lets up. New York City is currently buried under its fourth Nor'easter this year, and something called an "airborne river" is currently dumping on Los Angeles. But one person who seems to be having a pretty great first day of spring is Carden Corts, a kindergartener from Nashville who offered the world a weather report that doesn't make us want to curl up under our desks.


According to Reddit, Corts's video was part of an ambitious kindergarten assignment that asked students to create their own weather forecast videos. With a little help from his dad, who seems to know his way around video editing, Corts took viewers through a full-blown hurricane, tornado, and a snowy tundra. Oh and the whole thing was "brought to you by Pokémon Cards" because kids apparently still like those these days.

Not only is young Carden almost certainly going to ace his school project, but he could turn the whole thing into a lucrative career. WeatherNation in Denver has already offered him another turn in front of the green screen.

Good luck, Carden. Your future as a weather man is a hell of a lot brighter than anything going on outside right now.

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