Courtney Love Plays a Nurse in Marilyn Manson’s Unsettling New Video

The pair star in a creepy clip for Manson's "Tattooed in Reverse."
Daisy Jones
London, GB
Screenshot via Marilyn Manson's “Tattooed in Reverse”

Well! Well, well, well, would you look at that. Mum and Dad in the same video together, Mum dressed as a nurse, Dad in a wheelchair growling “your confession means nothing”. What a time to be alive.

By Mum and Dad, I am of course referring to the MUM AND DAD OF ROCK \m/ Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson, the former of which makes an appearance in the latter’s video for “Tattooed in Reverse.” It’s a pretty brief appearance—like maybe a couple of seconds, including a close up that you’d miss if you blinked—but it’s an appearance none the less. Still, it would have been cool if there had been more Courtney as a nurse. Like, maybe she could have stuck some tubes up his nose, or taken his blood, or even injected him with something gross, like snake venom. IDK, I’m just throwing some ideas around. Brainstorming.


The video itself is very classic Manson—exactly the kind of thing you might have seen on MTV2 back when people watched television. There’s a lot of Satanic imagery and creepy looking dolls and faceless people dancing like zombies around a hospital that, frankly, I would not like to be taken to during a medical emergency. And Manson is in his usual theatrical get-up of a powdered face, eye make up and top hat, which I respect, because just like Robert Smith, the dude’s identity has been completely steady and unchanging over the years.

Anyway, you can watch the video below. Courtney arrives at around 1:46 if that’s what you’re here for.

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