'GoT' Hid Six Iron Thrones Around the World for an Epic Scavenger Hunt

Sending fans to the literal ends of the Earth to find them.
For the Throne
Screenshots via HBO / YouTube

The new season of Game of Thrones is still a few painfully long weeks away, but HBO launched a brand-new project to help us pass the time—by, uh, sending fans out on a worldwide scavenger hunt to sit on a giant, spiky-ass chair. Last week, the network revealed that it has hidden six full-size replicas of the Iron Throne across the globe, challenging GoT fans to be the first to find them.

"For seven seasons you’ve watched characters lie, bleed, and sacrifice for the Iron Throne," HBO wrote about the hunt. "As the final season approaches, only one question remains: How far will you go?"


Apparently, they're hoping you'll go pretty goddamn far. The only clues to the thrones' locations are a series of hour-long, 360-degree videos of the things at various times of day. One's in a forest. Another's in a desert. One particularly terrifying one appears to be plopped down in the middle of some frigid, tundra-like hellscape.

There aren't many easily identifiable landmarks, so don't expect to watch these clips and recognize where the thrones are right away. Still, we're probably given enough to crack this thing. Are there any geniuses out there particularly good at geolocating based on star patterns? No?

So far, people have found four of the thrones—in Spain, Sweden, Brazil, and the UK—but there are still a few unclaimed ones out there. Some fans on Twitter are currently convinced that there's one hidden in Canada, possibly somewhere in Alberta, but no one has officially tracked it down yet.

Check out all the clue videos over on HBO's "For the Throne" site and see if you've got what it takes to actually take the goddamn Iron Throne and hit the dab or whatever. At the very least, it's something to make the time go by. Just a few more weeks, everybody.

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