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Unclear Ends and Questionable Means in Both Sports and Politics

Methods have an intent all their own.
A statue in 'The Occupation' discussed during Waypoints podcast
'The Occupation' screenshot courtesy White Paper Games

What do a women's college basketball star, the prison abolition movement, and The Occupation all have in common? Uhhhhh… it's Thursday, and they're all topics on Waypoints! First, Danielle was both fascinated and repelled by this profile of Oregon basketball star Sabrina Ionescu, whose sheer willpower, toughness, and intelligence have made her an all-time great in college basketball. But in focusing on Ionescu's drive and compulsion to greatness, do we also end up celebrating bad stereotypes about the nature of achievement and excellence? Next, Patrick has been listening to the second season of the Justice in America podcast, and was struck by its finale and the radical ways we can, and should, reimagine our systems of criminal justice. Finally, the gang are taking a closer look at White Paper Games' The Occupation, and trying to figure out if it has a political perspective, or if its mixed metaphors only give it the appearance of political meaning.


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