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Everything Sucks Except This Video of a Guy Saving Two Dogs from a Frozen Lake

Watch a good man rescue some good boys.
March 13, 2019, 3:43pm
Timothy Yuriev
Screenshot via NBC 4

The world is a dark and depressing place, rapidly morphing into a terrible hellscape while we hopelessly distract ourselves with dangerous selfie stunts and stupid interactive rom-coms or whatever. But hey: Don't let it get you down. There are still a few good things left out there to help maintain our dwindling faith in the human race. And here, dear reader, is one.

A New Yorker was strolling around a frozen reservoir in Yonkers recently when he noticed that two dogs had fallen through the ice and were struggling in the water—so he ripped off his shirt, sprinted towards the pond, and jumped in and saved them like a goddamn hero, NBC New York reports.


Some bystander managed to capture the rescue on video, and the footage is, obviously, the fucking best. Please, behold, and let the overwhelming joy warm your bleak and hardened heart:

Timothy Yuriev, who saved the dogs, told NBC he was walking his English golden retriever heard their owner shouting for help along Irvington Reservoir, and knew he had to act fast.

"I was looking at [the dogs] and I realized, alright, so—the rescuer, they will come maybe in ten, 15 minutes. The dogs might have hypothermia," he said. So he just stripped down and jumped in, smashing through the ice himself—and Yuriev's golden retriever jumped right in after him.

"I used to live in Siberia," Yuriev said after NBC asked him how he hopped into a goddamn frozen lake like it was no big deal. "My grandfather, a hunter, he taught me how to stand cold, and how to prepare yourself." According to NBC, Yuriev managed to save both puppers from their frozen fate. Thank you, Yuriev, for your valuable service. The owner appreciates you, the dogs appreciate you, and the world appreciates you for restoring at least some small modicum of our faith in this sad, shitty world. As long as there are good people and good boys out there, all is not truly lost.

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