Ariana Grande's 2 Chainz-Featuring "7 Rings" Remix Squashes Some Pre-Beef

There's even a pink trap house on the cover art, just so everyone knows they're cool.
Ariana Grande's 2 Chainz-Featuring "7 Rings" Remix Squashes Some Pre-Beef

Ariana Grande is sitting atop the Billboard Hot 100 right now with "7 Rings," a smoldering pop-rap single that's nowhere near as aesthetically interesting as her blissfully euphoric last hit, "imagine." But that doesn't begin to tell the story of her last seven days. First, she was accused of borrowing flows for the song from Soulja Boy and Princess Nokia, among others. Then she distracted everyone from the appropriation chatter by, erm, getting "small charcoal grill" tattooed in Japanese on her palm.


At least 2 Chainz, whose flow on 2011's "Spend It" bears a striking resemblance to Grande's in the "7 Rings" chorus, isn't holding a grudge. He appears on a remix of the song, released this morning, rapping with seemingly no hint of slyness that his "ideas are priceless." The remix's artwork even depicts 2 Chainz's trademark pink trap house, which doubles as a nod to Grande's "7 Rings" video as much as anything else. The song isn't going to change your life (go listen to "imagine" again) but it's seemingly squashed some pre-beef. Or, I dunno, squished some veal? Kicked a calf? Ponder that while you listen to the "7 Rings" remix below.

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