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News of Zealand: International Flights Cancelled as Fuel Crisis Continues

Plus celebrating 124 years of women's suffrage with a march in Nelson, and Trump says America would "totally destroy" North Korea.
September 19, 2017, 11:09pm
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More Travellers Hit by Fuel Crisis
The ongoing fuel crisis continues to disrupt travel plans with 3000 more travellers set to have their flights affected today. The pipeline supplying fuel to Auckland Airport was closed over the weekend, prompting numerous cancellations and delays. Today's cancellations include five Australian services, two Fiji services, and a return service to Vietnam. Ticket sales will also be restricted. Auckland Airport has confirmed other airports in the Pacific have also been affected by the shortage. The pipe is expected to be fixed early next week.

March for Suffrage in Nelson
A march celebrating 124 years of women's suffrage took place yesterday afternoon in Nelson. Kate Sheppard and suffrage campaigners won the right for women to vote on the 19th of September 1893. One organiser of the event, Pip Jamieson, said she was thrilled to see people supporting their democratic rights and gender equality in voting. Georgina Roden, one woman at the walk, said the celebration was for all women, as 4000 Māori women voted with Pākehā women in 1893. The marchers hoped to encourage people to vote.


Kiwi Population Suffers Setback After Three Birds Killed
The kiwi population has suffered a setback after three birds were killed by ferrets during their reintroduction to the Hunua Ranges. Kiwi have been absent from the Hunua Ranges for 40 years. Forest and Bird executive Kevin Hague told bFM News areas needed to be controlled to prevent kiwi from being hunted down by pests. "The big threats for kiwi are predators like these ferrets," he said.

Rotorua Mother Reliant on Fruit, Vegetable Drop-Off to Feed Family
A Rotorua mother of four is reliant on the neighbourhood fruit and vegetable drop-off to feed her whānau. The cost of fruit and vegetables in supermarkets is too high for Huhana Gardiner and many other families. Locals say they hope the next government focuses on the struggle many families have putting food on the table. The drop-off is provided by Love Soup, an organisation focused on feeding those without food.

Accusations of Inadequate Support for Mental Illness in Community Care System
A mother of a diagnosed schizophrenic has spoken out about the lack of support in the current community care system for those with acute mental illnesses. Sue Wilson's son has struggled with schizophrenia since he was 17. He is now 36 and lives in a monitored home designed for him to look after himself but Wilson said her son couldn't shower, prepare meals, or shop on his own. She said the best place for him would be an institutional-type environment. Psychiatrist Mark Lawrence said the intention of community care was to help people live safely and independently. However, he said, some patients' needs were more challenging. The coordinator of Supporting Families in Mental Illness, Fiona Perry, said our system may not be set up to support everyone's needs adequately.


Trump says America would 'Totally Destroy' North Korea
US President Donald Trump has told the UN that America would "totally destroy" North Korea if forced to defend itself or its allies. In his debut speech to the General Assembly, Mr Trump mocked North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, saying "Rocket man is on a suicide mission." The President also lashed out at Iran, labelling it a "corrupt dictatorship" intent on destabilising the Middle East. Mr Trump's fiery speech came just minutes after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for a calmer approach to dealing with international relations.

7.1 Magnitude Earthquake hits Mexico City
Another earthquake hit Mexico City this morning, measuring 7.1 on the richter scale. In Cuernavaca, a city south of Mexico City, there were unconfirmed reports on local radio of people trapped beneath collapsed buildings. This comes just 2 weeks after a devastating 8.1 magnitude quake impacted on the coast of Mexico, killing at least 98 people. Multiple aftershocks have been felt since this tragedy, but none were expected of this magnitude. In tragic irony, the city's impoverished infrastructure was tested again, on the anniversary of their major 1985 earthquake.

Dominica Suffers Direct Hit from Hurricane Maria
Maria developed into a Category 5 storm and brought 160 mph winds as it barrelled across the Caribbean island of Dominica Monday night, tearing off the roof of the prime minister's house. Authorities in Guadeloupe warned the storm could bring serious floods, and hurricane warnings remain in place for several other islands.

Myanmar Leader Welcomes 'Scrutiny' Over Rohingya Massacres
In a televised speech, Aung San Suu Kyi said the country should not be afraid of "international scrutiny" over the treatment of its Rohingya Muslim minority. Suu Kyi also said her country was willing to "start the verification process" to allow Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to return to Myanmar, without revealing how that process might work.

Syrian Troops Head Toward New Showdown with Rebels
President Bashar al Assad's forces are massing across the Euphrates River in a bid to drive ISIS fighters from the province of Deir al-Zor. The rebel group Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US, is already fighting ISIS from the eastern part of the same region. One of the SDF's commanders said rebels were "ready" to confront government troops.

Reporting by Harry Willis, Mary-Margaret Slack, Josh Storey, and Stewart Sowman-Lund