Hot Dog Parm Is a Stoner Dream and Reality


This story is over 5 years old.


Hot Dog Parm Is a Stoner Dream and Reality

It's a perfect wiener delivery system.

This might be the best thing we've ever thought of in the ol' test kitchen.

Sure, chicken parm and hot dogs are perfect foods in their own right. But one day, not long ago, in a burst of inspiration, or maybe after too many episodes of Bong Appétit, this happened.

RECIPE: Hot Dog Parmesan

Butterflied and breaded fried wieners are doused in red sauce, buried under a pound (actually) of mozzarella cheese, and nestled inside a cleverly cut ciabatta. You get the decadence of chicken parm and the practicality of hot dogs; it's the stuff of stoner dreams and a perfect wiener delivery system and the best of all possible worlds.