Elizabeth Warren Says She Would 'Welcome' the Rock's President Bid

"I know he would fight for the principles that he believes in."
October 13, 2019, 2:52pm
Elizabeth Warren and the Rock
Elizabeth Warren photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr. Rock image by Lia Kantrowitz via Wikimedia and the White House Flickr account.

Elizabeth Warren loves Ballers. Yes, the Democratic candidate and comic genius is a massive fan of the show starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a former NFL star-turned-financial manager whose gargantuan muscles are always straining to burst free from the confines of his suit. We've known this for a while now. She also just loves the Rock himself, period. And, sure, the Rock is an intensely lovable guy—weird movie taste and even weirder oatmeal taste aside—but Warren apparently appreciates the guy so much that she'd "welcome" his run for president.


Entertainment Weekly caught up with Warren in the midst of her busy campaign schedule to chat about, yes, the series finale of Ballers, and the conversation naturally turned to the Rock's on-going flirtation with a presidential bid. Warren, it seems, is down.

Per EW:

The Rock has thrown out the possibility that he could eventually run for president. How would you like your chances against him? Obviously, you’re such a huge fan, so might it be tough to go head-to-head with your Spencer Strasmore?
[Laughs] I would welcome him to the race. I know he would fight for the principles that he believes in—he’s my kind of guy!

His likability scores would be off the charts.
Who doesn’t like The Rock? And I have to say, who doesn’t love The Rock’s wardrobe choices—don’t they just knock you out? Those vests and the pink shirts…Oh man, it is eye candy.

The Rock, of course, has been teasing a presidential run for years. He talked about it with all the way back in 2016, then again in a 2017 GQ cover story, and there's even an official committee to elect him called Run the Rock 2020.

The guy has made it pretty clear that he won't be giving the people's elbow to our nation's flailing economy or whatever anytime soon, since there are "a lot of other things [he wants] to do first." But if and when the guy ever decides to run, it sounds like he has Elizabeth Warren's blessing—if he wears that pink shirt and vest combo, at least.