California Cowboy Somehow Made the Hawaiian Shirt Look Good and Feel Essential

Summer may be over, but the perfect beachwear is forever.
Photo courtesy of California Cowboy

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It’s not too late to close out the summer in the perfect beach cover up, or too early to get your après ski attire in order. And if you never really leave the house, California Cowboy also makes the best robes you’ll ever wear. Worth it for their built-in dry pockets alone, California Cowboy’s shirts and robes will change your beach, ski, and lounge game.


Photo courtesy of California Cowboy

California Cowboy’s claim to fame is their High Water shirt, a towel-lined button up that’ll dry you off without overheating you. It’s packed with both features and pack-ins, from the essential, like the aforementioned excellent dry pocket to protect your phone and valuables, to the… included conversation cards. The High Water is rounded out by a beer bottle pocket and sunglass loop, and once you wear it you’ll never bother with another beach top. The men’s version is also available unlined.


Photo courtesy of California Cowboy

Having tested countless robes that left something to be desired, from L.L. Bean to every direct to consumer linen brand, I was thrilled when California Cowboy announced they were doing a robe Yukata. Packing in the best features of the High Water shirt, including the towel lining and dry pocket, the Garibaldi, named after the orange fish it’s patterned with, also brings a secure inner tie that ensures everything stays covered, along with roomy hand pockets. The Garibaldi is striking to say the least, but it’s so much better than the alternatives that even if this look is a bit much for you, you’ll look forward to donning it.


Photo courtesy of California Cowboy

The women’s version of the robe, dubbed the Sirena kimono, brings with it all the same great features, and rebrands the beer pocket as a champagne bottle pocket. Think of that what you will.