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Here Is Lil Wayne Rapping Over Jay-Z's "Dear Summer"

From 'The Suffix' in 2005.

Day 281: "Suffix (Dear Summer)" – The Suffix, 2005

More than a decade before he was making victory anthems with JAY-Z and Beyoncé, DJ Khaled was working as a Miami radio DJ and hosting mixtapes for Lil Wayne where Wayne rapped over Jay-Z songs. Specifically, on The Suffix, Wayne jumps on "Dear Summer," the stealth back-from-retirement-but-still-retired Jay song from Memphis Bleek's album, for one of the most reflective Wayne cuts.

"The end of the world comin' and my city the proof," Wayne muses, a couple months after Katrina. He's occupying Jay's mindset here, a voice of the people in tough times. This is one of the most elusive versions of Wayne but also one of the most satisfying to listen to. It doesn't hurt that Just Blaze's beat is one of modern day rap's most iconic.

Feet off ground, fingers to the stars, reachin'
And I'ma get there through these bars, believe me
I'm down for the cause, even
When everything pause I foresees it
I'ma leader, me, the son of Jacita
Fuck the world not the people

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