Taraji P. Henson Is a Wig-Wearing Assassin in the 'Proud Mary' Trailer

The movie hits theaters this January.
July 20, 2017, 6:00pm

Taraji P. Henson is following up her role in the Oscar-nominated Hidden Figures with something that involves a few more guns and a lot more leather.

The new trailer for Henson's upcoming assassin thriller Proud Mary dropped Thursday, and while we don't know much about plot, we at least know that Henson will be donning a blond wig and blowing stuff up while looking cool as hell in the process.

The trailer follows Mary, a cold-blooded contract killer, as she gets ready for her day, which begins with exercising, sliding into full-body leather, and grabbing a gun from her personal arsenal as nonchalantly as one might pull something out of the fridge. She tops her look off with a pair of stiletto-heeled boots, which don't seem like the most agile choice for an assassin who's trying to get in and out of a job quickly, but whatever. The whole thing is set to the tune of Ike and Tina Turner's cover of the titular CCR song, and it kicks into gear right as the murderin' begins.

The movie is directed by Babak Najafi, the guy who did London Has Fallen, and is based on a script by TV drama writers John Stuart Newman and Christian Swegal.

According to the brief plot synopsis, Mary is a killer working for a Boston crime family "whose life is completely turned around when she meets a young boy whose path she crosses when a professional hit goes bad." But we'll have to wait until the movie drops in January to know exactly what that's all about.

Proud Mary hits theaters on January 12, 2018. Give the trailer a watch above.