The Best Weed Strains for Mind-Blowing Sex

We turned to science and experts to find the most bangin' herb for bangin'.
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Which weed strain is best for sex is a difficult question to answer. In fact, says Erica Kay of the Los Angeles's Cornerstone Collective, "You can't make a blanket statement about things like this." There are simply too many variables. And what bud is best for the bedroom is pretty specific depending on the starting point before the drug is even introduced. For instance, are you in pain? Anxious? Are you using marijuana to give a boost to a dormant libido? There are different strains for different moods.


But broadly speaking, for the more anxiety prone, experts like Kay say it's best to opt for a strain high in CBD and low in THC (AKA tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive chemical that can trigger both euphoria as well as paranoia). Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the cannabinoid in marijuana that helps unfurl shoulder knots; it's what gives you that melted butter body high, and therefore can be helpful for getting in the mood. Relaxation—especially for people with vaginas and those with general anxiety—is essential for reaching orgasm.

"If you have anxiety with sex, you can ask your dispensary which varieties would work best for anti-anxiety," says Vanessa Lavorato, proprietor of the cannabis confiserie Marigold Sweets. "I can't say cannabis is some kind of wonder drug that's gonna make you all of a sudden be able to have the best orgasm of your life, but for people who have anxiety, it definitely does help."

"[You have] to actually really figure out what kind of sex you want to be having," says sex educator Ashley Manta about another variable to consider. Whatever strain you decide on, and for whatever reason, Manta says a major key to making cannabis and sex work for you and your partner(s) is a little introspection. "Do you want to have slow, passionate sex with your partner that's really connective with eye-gazing and gentle with a lot of intimacy? Or are you looking for, like, 'Oh my gosh, I just wanna pound the heck out of you!'?"


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That in mind, an indica strain like Yumboldt could be a good bet for intimate, snuggly sex, as it boosts relaxation and happiness levels. To help with nerves, weed-centric media outlet HERB recommends indica strains like Northern Lights as well as hybrid strains with an equal balance of THC and CBD like One to One. For more energetic boning, Lavorato recommends Green Crack, which also gets a nod from "the world's largest cannabis information resource" Leafly for those looking to perk up while getting down.

"If you want the 'fuck your brains out'-kind of stuff, I would look at [strains] that are high in pinene and limonene, which are two different terpenes," Manta says. Terpenes are aromatic oils released in cannabis alongside cannabinoids. Not only do they dictate the smell of a certain strain, they can tweak physical and psychoactive effects. Pinene, marked by its super good spruce-like smell, helps you feel more alert—which can be helpful, assuming you're not content being a doormat in the sac. On the other hand, limonene is notorious for its sour citrus odor and helps significantly at melting stress.

Experts recommend experimenting with smoking or vaping versus something more long-lasting like an edible—that way, you can measure it out toke by toke and see how specific strains and terpenes affect your brain, bod, and bits. There aren't a lot of sex-specific cannabis products on the market, but the infamous weed lube Foria and the dosist arouse vape pen also come recommended.

If you're new to weed sex, experimenting with different sorts of highs solo can give you the privacy and freedom to explore. "Kicking off with masturbation is such a smart thing," Manta says. Above all else, if you're truly interested in infusing your sex life with cannabis, keep trying. There's no one-size-fits all option.

The key to getting it right is glorious trial and error, with some applied knowledge about what it is you're smoking/vaping/eating in the bedroom. Considering the topic, its a lesson most won't mind learning.

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