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Daily Horoscopes: July 20, 2017

Expect big surprises this evening when the Sun clashes with Uranus.
Cathryn Virginia
illustrated by Cathryn Virginia

The Moon, in Gemini, connects with lucky planet Jupiter at 4:54 AM; with sexy Venus at 7:39 AM; and with action planet Mars enters Leo at 8:20 AM, making for a busy morning! We'll meet some obstacles when the Moon opposes Saturn at 3:32 PM, but we'll be able to work things out when it connects with Mercury at 6:04 PM. Expect big surprises this evening when the Sun clashes with Uranus at 8:24 PM. The Moon also connects with Uranus at 1:40 AM: Anything can happen.


All times EST.


Be gentle with yourself today, Cancer: The Moon in Gemini is activating a very sleep sector of your chart. Big surprises will arrive tonight, especially in the realm of public recognition.


Whenever your planetary ruler, the Sun, does something interesting in the sky, we know something will come up for you down here on earth. Tonight, the Sun squares off with Uranus, the planet of surprise, bringing some unexpected news or an eureka moment.


The Moon in Gemini is illuminating the fame and fortune sector of your chart, so get to work, Virgo! Shake-ups and surprises will arrive in your intimate relationships and within your social life this evening.


Shake-ups will arrive to your relationships this evening, since the Sun will clash with the planet of surprise, Uranus. The Moon is in fellow Air sign Gemini, and it's bringing messages your way today.


You're a control freak, Scorpio. You're going to have to let go a bit today if you want to keep your stress levels down. The Moon is in trickster Gemini, and the Sun clashes with the planet of chaos, Uranus, this evening, bringing surprises—and likely some rescheduling.


The Moon is in Gemini, lighting up the partnership sector of your chart. Things are busy in your relationships today! Surprises will arrive this evening—expect a shake-up in your love life (but perhaps a fun one?). Stay flexible!


It's Cancer season, which means the Sun is illuminating the relationship sector of your chart. Surprises will arrive this evening when the Sun clashes with the planet of rebellion, Uranus.


Your modern planetary ruler, Uranus, stirs things up today by clashing with the Sun—expect the unexpected! A surprising message is on the way. Watch out for delays or redirections this evening.


The Sun is currently in fellow Waters sign Cancer, putting you in a flirtatious, fun, and creatively inspired mood—but some surprises will pop up. Double-check your budget, and, on an emotional level, reflect on your boundaries.


To the outside world, you may seem impulsive; however, you usually just know exactly what you want and are aware that decisive action and swiftness will get you your way. (But sometimes you really are being imprudent.) Ask yourself if the actions you're taking are smart risks or foolish ones.


Unexpected news arrives this evening, Taurus. You might find yourself wondering how you didn't see this surprise coming, but don't stress! Stay flexible and you'll be able to make some amazing changes.


The Moon is in your sign today, Gemini! This is a fantastic time to get in touch with your emotions. You hate being bored, and luckily some surprises are on the way tonight.

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