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Skyshaker Shares Volatile Remix of Banjee Report's Chemsex Tale "pNp"

The Qween Beat-affiliated producer turns in a thunderous version of the FUTUREHOOD founders' track.
Banjee Report photo by Angel Harrold

After recently penning a powerful essay for THUMP about the queer community's meth and GHB epidemic, Chicago artist Anthony "aCe" Pabey's group Banjee Report has released an explosive new single engaging with the same themes.

The track is called "pNp," which is short for "party and play"—terminology for chemsex parties often organized on dating apps where people combine sex with hard drugs. The FUTUREHOOD founders' song approaches pNp from a first-person narrative, bringing the extremely complex emotional space of its subject matter to life with mercurial, rapid-fire verses. The remix comes courtesy of Qween Beat affiliate Skyshaker, who lends the tune some of their signature hardcore-influenced kinetic flourishes to create a visceral sense of volatility.


The artists told THUMP about their creative mental space while making "pNp" over email. "Reporting from the underbelly of queer life, this track for us is linked to instinct, purity and the drive of the physical body to release powerful and emotional forces—like rage with ensuing chaos and destruction," they said.

Back in May, Pabey joined THUMP for a roundtable discussion on the state of gay nightlife in the US.

Listen to "pNp" below, and look for the group's full-length album on FUTUREHOOD in October.

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