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Enjoy This Super Chill Performance from Tame Impala on 'Fallon'

It was the first TV outing for 'Currents' cut "Love/Paranoia."
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Tame Impala's last album Currents was released back in 2015, though the lack of new music hasn't stopped them from playing live, as they've played a slew of dates (including New York's Panorama Festival) well as an appearance on last night's (July 31) episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The Australian outfit showed up to perform "Love/Paranoia" from Currents, which is a recent addition to their live set. It's a typically spacey but accomplished performance, with frontman Kevin Parker on especially good form. It's also notable that the band probably win the hotly contested accolade of The Band Who Can Make Jimmy Fallon the Most Stoked—though Slayer laid down a pretty decent challenge recently, Fallon was rendered literally almost speechless when enthusiastically introducing Tame Impala, such is his apparent adoration of Australian psychedelia. Watch above and feel calmed.

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