Ambient Photos of Nocturnal Western Africa
All photos by Denis Vejas. 


This story is over 5 years old.


Ambient Photos of Nocturnal Western Africa

Photographer Denis Vejas aimed to avoid the clichéd exoticism of travel images with his ‘spontaneous portraits.’

Barcelona-based photographer Denis Vejas has been travelling off-the-grid for the past 12 years, since he left Lithuania in 2005. According to him, “Most of my photo work have happened in nomadic settings, as a part of my own journey, exploring a wide range of subjects from neo hippies to neo colonialism.”

“With the main emphasis on telling the story from inside out, I am always trying to skip the role of objective observer and be a part of the narrative, throwing myself into it as deep as possible. I have been documenting immigrants from Central America riding the cargo trains on the way through Mexico to the US, van life of weed trimmers in northern California, and the gathering of Voodoo tribes in Benin to name a few.”


According to Vejas, the following photo series is less focused, but still maintains the immersive experience during four months of traveling in Ghana, Togo and Benin. “In the beginning of January 2017 I arrived to Lomé and was spending my first night in a local bar, sipping beer and taking snapshots of the new ambience. A Togolese guy approached me and invited for a drink. Couple rounds later he offered to show me around his neighborhood and it turned to be the beginning of the following photo narrative. These street scenes and spontaneous portraits are portraying the nocturnal Africa the way I have experienced it.”

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