Applebee's Is Getting Absolutely Dragged in This Reddit Thread

Bees in mashed potatoes. Men in bucket hats doing karaoke. The allegations are horrific.
January 18, 2018, 9:19pm
Photo via Flickr user JeepersMedia

Pour one out for Applebee’s, which somehow became the preferred punching bag of a recent Reddit thread.

"What restaurant have you sworn to never return to and why?” asked ‘BlokeTweedEveryday’ on Tuesday—a seemingly harmless question, the kind that's likely to inspire some lively, vibrant discussion.

The query amassed over 5,000 replies as of Thursday afternoon, with the thread quickly devolving into a gleefully savage pile-on of Applebee’s, that wonderland of $1 margaritas and Long Island Iced Teas.


A few allege cruel behavior from the waitstaff. “I found a legit bee my mashed potatoes,” writes Reddit user CrazyWhoDatXLIV. “The waitress laughed and said “wonder if that’s how they got the name”. Then tried to accuse me of putting it in there and refused to get the manager.”

Screengrabs via Reddit.

Sheesh. Consider the stated plight of Reddit user lolsalmon, who claims that a waitress “tried to convince me their 'new recipe' nachos didn't include cheese. When I requested cheese, I was given a plate with two melted cheese slices on it. Never again.”

The comments on the post are a veritable goldmine of horrific-sounding but often hilarious allegations at the chain. You’ll need to scroll through the top 200 comments for an eternity before you reach a comment that isn’t about Applebee’s.

The rest of the alleged offenses range from being rather minor (“Their steaks have changed and now they’re ALWAYS dry and full of gristle”) to unpleasant-sounding (a pair sat in the restaurant, unattended to, for two hours) to deeply harrowing (the mic at a karaoke Thursday was hogged by “one guy with a bucket hat.”)

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These are pretty serious charges! Applebee’s, in a statement to MUNCHIES, reaffirmed its commitment to cultivating quality dining experiences.

“At Applebee’s we are dedicated to offering each guest genuine, neighborly service,” an Applebee’s spokesperson wrote MUNCHIES over email on Thursday afternoon. “The experiences described here do not meet Applebee’s service expectations, and are not representative of who we strive to be—a dependable and enjoyable neighborhood grill and bar.”

The company encouraged anyone who’s had issues with the chain in the past to its email address that's monitored “round-the-clock" or its customer service hotline—1-888-592-7753, also known as 1-888-59APPLE.

“We want all of our guests to know that we are listening and take your feedback to heart as we work to improve the Applebee’s guest experience,” the statement ended. But please, mind the guy with the bucket hat bogarting the mic.