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Thundercat Is the World's Most Joyous Weeb in "Tokyo" Video

"Gonna blow all my cash on anime (yes!)"

Japan is jazz. Do not argue with me on this. It's true and can't be changed. Thundercat, likewise, is jazz, so it makes sense that he's had a lifelong appreciation for Japanese nerd properties. He's one of the enlightened ones. He at last dedicated an entire song to his weebdom on this year's Drunk album called "Tokyo," and now there's a travelogue video for the song.

Follow Thundercat, who is grinning literally the entire time, as he dines at sushi spots, visits the Gundam cafe, basks in the presence of a cardboard cutout of Fist of the North Star hero Kenshiro, and is basically a charming dork in Dork Nirvana. FYI, I am completely and utterly envious. Watch the "Tokyo" video above.