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The Many Hats of Andee Frost

The Melbourne DJ is possibly the only human on the planet who can rock a fedora with style.

Andee Frost does hats. Hundreds of hats. The DJ, who is affectionately known as the unofficial night mayor of Melbourne and whose long running The House deFrost residency at the Toff is legendary, is never seen without some kind of head attire. From fedoras, to baseball caps to avant garde pieces of art, Frost can rock a hat as well as he can rock a room.

He's now even making hats and as burgeoning milliner, he is getting as creative on the hat stand as he is on the decks.


Before an appearance at the Shimmerlands closing event party this Sunday when he plays with Tim Sweeney, Egyptian Lover, and Awesome Tapes From Africa we caught up with Andee to talk headwear.

Noisey: You're known for your hats. When did you start wearing them? 
Andee Frost: As a child I grew up in a semi rural area so hats were essential.

What was your first regular hat?
An Akubra Cattleman, Akubra Slouch hat and a Legionaries cap from primary school

Where do you keep them? 
I hang a bunch on my bedroom wall. I also pile some on top of each other. I have a few hat stands but basically they are just spread all over the house.  I have a garbage bag full of caps and other novelty hats and usually about three or four options live in the car.

What hat wearers do you look up to? Who rocks the best hats?
Erykah Badu for sure, I actually just had a weird cosmic connection with her through hats. I have a hat maker in Japan who makes custom stuff for me. I sent him a hat, he made it and put it on his instagram tagging Ms. Badu in the pic. She then got in touch with him and has now ordered that same hat, which is kinda a big deal for me!

Who else? Cowboys, Francis Mallmann, Jonny Depp, Tom Hardy rocks a great hat in Taboo, John Wayne, Calamity Jane's hat in Deadwood.

Are fedoras a no go?
Fedoras get a bad rap but what most people would consider a fedora is a bit of a faux pas. A traditional fedora is a classic but sadly, due to bogans at the races, corporate long lunches and every service station in Australia selling them they have been slotted into the same category as thongs and Southern Cross tattoos, i own and rock many fedora's but i guess its how you wear it that makes the difference. attached is a pic of a fedora I designed


Doo rags?
Not for me.

A great use of a hat to impose height and is also able to rock a fedora quite well.

God bless him….

Do you count baseball caps as hats or does it need an all round brim?
Well a cap is a cap and a hat is a hat I don't discriminate.

What is the most exotic hat you have? 
Exotic and weird are the hats I've started making with my hat maker. I've got a pretty crazy Visvim straw number that looks like a birds next on my head. I have a Horisaki hat which is probably one of my most treasured. There's a full palette of Westwood mountain hats as well but Pharrell kinda ruined them for me so they don't get much rotation anymore

Shimmerlands it outside. So hats come in useful.
Slip slop hat!!!

Feb 26 - Melbourne at Shimmerlands, Melbourne University. Tim Sweeney, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Egyptian Lover and Andee Frost.