Make Margot Henderson’s Offally Good Lamb’s Tongue with Greens
Photo courtesy Helen Cathcart.


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Make Margot Henderson’s Offally Good Lamb’s Tongue with Greens

This tongue-twisting dish from Rochelle Canteen will convert even the most offal averse.

Photo courtesy Helen Cathcart.

Are you freaked out by the thought of munching on a once-beating chicken heart? Does it turn your stomach to chow down on one that belonged to a cow before it made your plate?

Well, it's time to cast off your offal aversions and get with the times. Eating lesser known animal parts is trendy and economically savvy, not to mention being a great source of protein. Just ask Margot Henderson, the iconic British chef behind hidden Shoreditch restaurant Rochelle Canteen.

RECIPE: Lamb's Tongue, Green Beans, and Green Sauce

Her lamb's tongue with green beans and green sauce recipe—shared as part of Rosie Birkett's new book on proper East End cooking—will convert you.

After a forkful of these deliciously tender slivers, smothered in a herby dill and parsley sauce, you'll be left speechless. Cat got your … oh, you know the rest.