Chef's Night Out: Sqirl

We party till the wee hours with chef Jessica Koslow from LA’s tastiest breakfast spot, Sqirl.

On this episode of Chef's Night Out, we party till the wee hours with Chef Jessica Koslow from LA's tastiest breakfast spot, Sqirl.

Kicking the night off with an aperitif at Marvin, West Hollywood's French inspired eatery, Jessica and her crew loosen up with some jamón Ibérico and sherry before heading to the pre-opening of Koreatown's new spot Here's Looking at You. They feast on duck hearts, Chinese sausage, and a magnum of rosé as they celebrate friend and former Animal chef Jonathan Whitener's new endeavor. For dessert, they pop up to Hollywood's legendary Mashti Malone's Ice Cream to enjoy some sweet and savory Persian ice cream with flavors as unique as the name of this eclectic creamery. Finally, to satisfy their late night Mexican food munchies, Sqirl teamed up with east-side favorite Mariscos Jalisco to host a neighborhood block party and fundraiser, Noche Pescado, complete with shrimp tacos, tuna tostadas, and muskmelon agua fresca. We'll cheers to that!

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This first appeared on MUNCHIES in September 2016.