Donald Trump’s BS Has Inspired a Food Truck
All photos courtesy of Wieden + Kennedy.


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Donald Trump’s BS Has Inspired a Food Truck

On Saturday, a Donald Trump-themed food truck rolled out in Portland, Oregon, offering an edible take on the Republican presidential nominee’s BS—in this case, baloney sandwiches.

These days, even food trucks are taking sides.

On Saturday, a Donald Trump-themed food truck rolled out in Portland, Oregon, offering an edible take on the Republican presidential nominee's BS. Specifically, the PDX-based advertising firm Wieden + Kennedy set up shop in Pioneer Courthouse Square to hawk that BS—in this case, baloney sandwiches—to hundreds of locals hungry for a taste of levity during the most cutthroat election in living memory.


The "Donald Trump's BS" food cart was decked out with typical Trumpian garishness. Menus were printed on gold paper and a concierge was on standby to take orders while a gourmet "chef" prepared what might be considered the lowest of low-brow of sandwiches.


Yet, the cart was not about the food. The advertising firm cast the roles of the chef and the concierge. So, the chef, who was not actually a chef, just slammed some baloney between two slices of bread, apparently in five different ways.

That's a metaphor for the election itself, really.

Like most great satire, the cart was bent on exposing what it perceived to be the truth through gracious hyperbole. Each menu item was meant to fact-check an outlandish claim made by the Trump campaign during this unholy election season.

For example, the baloney "Middle-Class Hero" included the following ingredients: four slices of bankruptcy along with 3,500 individual lawsuits regarding unpaid bills." The "Border-Security Hero," featured a recipe that "changes all the time depending on which news station it's being served to."


"This metaphor is intended to be a light-hearted, theatrical expression of Trump's candidacy," explains a Wieden + Kennedy spokesperson to MUNCHIES. "We pride ourselves on being a place where we can be our true selves regardless of our beliefs and backgrounds. That applies to political affiliation."

Wieden + Kennedy is no stranger to taking a political stance. The advertising firm wrote a whole book dedicated to Congress after the Orlando nightclub shootings, advocating for increased gun control. Additionally, it dedicated the company website to the Black Lives Matter movement as a result of a string of police shootings this past summer.

Portlanders ate up this particular expression of political activism with enthusiasm. The truck prepared about 500 lunch-hour sandwiches over a two-day period, and the cart itself became the most Instagram-friendly dropped pin since the Gilmore Girls café pop-up a couple of weeks prior. For whatever reason, there was even an unprecedented dose of sunshine to greet the cart during its Saturday afternoon lunchtime run.


Customers waited 30 to 45 minutes in line, proving their determination regardless of political affiliation. When the wait was finally over, there was good news: the sandwiches were free. (This poses the question: Was Bernie Sanders the real brains behind the operation?) The bad news? For those who missed out, the truck concluded its limited run over the weekend.

Such is the lifespan of Trump's BS—but with Election Day still two weeks from now, there will surely be more of it coming from the controversial tycoon, in even more infuriating flavors.