Get in the Halloween Spirit by Drinking This Candy-Covered Cocktail


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Get in the Halloween Spirit by Drinking This Candy-Covered Cocktail

It's basically a piña colada on steroids, topped with a few handfuls of delicious sugar. Make it, drink it, and let the mischief begin.

Less than a week until Halloween, a.k.a the best excuse of the year to run around the city wasted out of your mind dressed as a swamp thing, cackling, throwing pumpkins off your roof, and stuffing your face with candy corn and Tootsie Rolls like there's no tomorrow.

Not that that's how we spent the last nine Halloweens, anyway.

But if you're ready to get a head start, here's a happy compromise: Get a little bit drunk and eat a little bit of candy by whipping up The Secret Garden, an ingenious cocktail creation from Mission Chinese Food beverage director Sam Anderson.

Think of it as a piña colada on steroids, right down to the elaborate garnishes. A mix of lime juice, pineapple juice, coconut syrup, green Chartreuse, and white rum, it's sweet, tart, and a little bit dangerous.

Blue pea flower chai tea gives it that lovely ombre effect, and feel free to top it off with more rum, and a few handfuls of colorful candy, if you're feeling as mischievous as we are.

RECIPE: The Secret Garden

It's so damn cool-looking, you might just want to dress up as this cocktail for Halloween.